Jonathan Gatlin

Jonathan Gatlin

Finance Director

From an early age I have had a sense of God’s presence in my life.  I believed that God was up stream, crafting an ordinary – yet extraordinary – life. Through the death of my earthly father, God was changing my life’s trajectory.

During my pre-teen years I began to live my daily life on mission in the inner city of Jackson, Mississippi, living and working at Genesis Food Bank.  During that time I learned that God was my loving Father and that in Him I was the Righteousness of God in Christ. I learned I could ask God for big things, and expect to see him do great things. I witnessed many miracles that made God real to me.

But after several years of serving at the Food Bank, I began to get frustrated with the American Church Culture saying, “We need to make a difference and reach the lost.” But most people never reached out except at special events. Little did I know I was about to have an “Aha!” moment on a mission trip in El Salvador. While on mission, we went door to door and invited people to come to block parties where we would present the gospel. When I got back, I realized I could do the same thing back home.

I also realized I could not change culture if I was not willing to change my priorities.

So I spear-headed with family and friends, going door to door to every house in the neighborhood around the food bank. We invited people to what we called the “Warehouse Church.” It was a crazy idea! Invite people to a hot, un-airconditioned warehouse for music, a sermon, a meal, free groceries and fun?  People started showing up by the hundreds. By living different, lives changed! It was the hardest, dirtiest, smelliest experience, but worth it all!

My role at MMI is to use my skills in Business Administration to efficiently and effectively run the day-to-day back end of the ministry to make what we do possible. My heart is to show people how to heed the call of God on their life. Missions is not a far away place, but your neighbor next door, the community you call home. Use the simple gifts God has given you to give back to those you come in contact with.  My heart is that God will light a fire in your heart while on mission with us, so that when you return home, your fire will light a path for others to do what matters most – the finished work at the Cross!