Melanie Sunshine

Melanie Sunshine


I believe God has purposely put me in the position of Director of MMI for a reason. It was not a position that I would have chosen for myself, as I did not feel worthy or adequate to serve as director. However, God has clearly spoken and told me I was created for this.

When I was a small child, a stranger knocked on our door. She told my mother that God sent her with a message that many people would come to Christ through her children. When I was 14 years old I went on my first mission trip to Warez, Mexico with my church youth group. I saw poverty. I saw miracles. I saw love that I had never seen before.

It was like God gave me a glimpse into his own heart, and from that day forward it was a fire shut up in my bones. I desire to do more than just be an average “Christian.” I desire to help people see that eternal life is a gift that can be received and a gift that our heavenly father wants us to have.

God has definitely placed a burden on my heart for teaching women how worthy and desirable they are in the kingdom of God. Our world is filled with so much junk about outward appearance, but all of that will fade and die. The Bible says a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised! Women need to be educated about their worth, their beauty, their importance in God’s plan for this life and for eternal life. How better to teach than to teach by example?

God has also given me a burden for connecting people in order to expand his kingdom. I can look back and see how he has put me in the path of other people, or put others in my path in order to make a connection for someone else or something else.

“He is truly made me a human Lego. I’m not the top and I’m not the bottom. I’m only here to connect people in God’s plan. ”

As Director, God is using my relationships to fulfill the needs of others. God has allowed me to work alongside of many churches and ministries, and is now allowing me to form groups to go help in the areas where the body of Christ needs extra strengthening. It is a honor to be able to see people’s lives changed through the teams we lead and the power of the gospel.