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Marathon Missions

We were able to visit 4 islands in Lake Victoria and heard testimonies of starving people who were fed because of your donations. During the COVID-19 pandemic Uganda had months of complete lockdown. No boats with food or supplies were allowed to travel to the islands and starvation was serious. Thankfully because of partners like you, several tons of food were taken by private boat to distribute to the people who were most in need. We were encouraged by the testimonies we heard from the congregations as to the souls who accepted Christ because they called out to God in desperation and hunger and God showed up by the way of a few Christians and a private boat.

Kiliwai Island

Pastors Empowerment Network

We were able to participate in the launch of a new income and food producing program. We helped build the first rabbit hutch for teaching the people of the islands a new reliable, low maintenance means of income and food. Fishing is Uganda’s biggest source of income. Due to flooding and excessive fishing by commercial companies, the islanders’ incomes has been depleted. Through this program men and women learn to raise, breed, and sell not only the meat, but also the byproduct from the rabbits. They are also taught how to manage their funds and small business. This can be a life sustaining program to many on the islands.

Rabbit Cage that team participated in building


WE International’s Women’s Rescue Home

While in Jinja we visited with young women who have been rescued from a life of prostitution and are now learning new life skills. These women, some as young as 13 years old, have suffered physically, mentally and spiritually. They have Bible classes every day as well as they learn to make soap, sew clothes and learn how to style hair. The Home has a vision to open a hair salon in the future for ladies to be able to learn how to run their own business and earn enough income to start their lives over off the street. This program is changing women’s lives. Some of the ladies told us they desire to be preachers and teachers of the Bible now that they know there is another way.

Women of WE International Women’s Rescue Home


While in Musima we visited Saint Ursula‘s Special School. We have become friends with the Sisters of Saint Ursula over the past several years. They have been very gracious and kind to us. On this trip Sister Lucy gave us a tour of the school for special needs children. The children are taught reading, writing, arithmetic, health, cleanliness and how to sew, make shoes and knit. Most of these children would be considered a waste of life in Uganda. Most are abused and treated like animals. This school gives these children a new value of life in Christ. It was an eye opening experience to learn the struggles of the students and the staff and how they are pushing forward through the pandemic!


Matthew 25:40 NIV

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

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From Left: Jonathan Gatlin, Vicky Snyder, Allen Snyder, Robert Gad Wafula, Sunshine Gatlin
Thank you Pastor Robert for all you do for so many!

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